About Care to Clear the Air

The Care to Clear the Air campaign is a winter initiative inspired on the success of the summer Clear the Air Challenge. This seasonal effort promotes TravelWise behaviors that are winter-friendly. Participants commit to utilizing at least one of the following TravelWise strategies to help improve local air quality -

Participants can also make a commitment to be idle free in their vehicle.

The program runs November 2011 through February 2012. Once registered, participants will receive special assistance to make a winter-friendly TravelWise commute a snap. Through Yellow/Red air day text alerts, videos and other tools, participants will find it easy to do their part to help clear the air during inversion season.

Utahns all over the state are committing to a new Resolution to Clear the Air to help improve our air quality. Visit our New Year’s Resolution page to see what your friends and neighbors are doing. You’ll also see many community leaders who are rolling up their sleeves to help improve the air we breathe.

We all have a role to play. And you can track your impact! Just visit the Clear the Air Challenge Tracker to see the impact your choices are making on our air quality. Input trips and miles saved, and watch as your efforts instantly translate into the money, emissions and energy saved. It's that easy!

Please note: The 2011 Clear the Air Challenge is over. However, you can track your personal impact through your login account. Track team impact through the team view.

So ask yourself one question - Do you Care to Clear the Air?




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