Take Public Transit

We know that taking public transit can be a little intimidating for first timers. And even if you aren’t intimidated, figuring out all the steps to get from your home to work and back does take some extra effort at first.

Finding the right route, timing connections, paying fare and even figuring out when to tell the bus driver to stop can take some time to figure out. But once you have it down – it’s gravy.

We have some tools to help you take the leap from thinking about riding UTA to actually riding UTA. Our goal is to get you on that bus or train in January! And if you need a little encouragement, just think about all the stress you will avoid by letting someone else do the driving on those crazy snowstorm mornings. . .

Two is better than one. It’s always easier trying something new when you have a buddy with you. So get a co-worker on board with your public transit plan, or use UTA Rideshare’s transit buddy database to find a new friend!

Events. Throughout the month of January we will be holding events with UTA to help newbies learn how to ride the bus, TRAX and FrontRunner. Events will include instruction on paying fares, navigating connections, bringing bikes & strollers, and more! UTA reps will be on hand for trip planning consultations to help you get from Point A to B and beyond. Visit our event listing to find one in your neighborhood. . .

Resources. Here are some links to help you get started:



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