Teleworking and e-Travel

We’ve got the technology and we know the benefits. Studies abound that show the benefits of teleworking for both employer and employee.  For example, employees perceive a better work/life balance, improved morale and improved productivity – a perfect win-win (win).

The benefits. Recent studies have shown that teleworking employees were able to work 19 hours longer than office-based employees before they felt work interfered with their personal and family life. The office-based group reached their breaking point at only 38 hours a week (sound familiar?)

The savings. Offices equipped with Teleworking technology can save money too. Imagine cutting costs on office space, furniture, maintenance, supplies and equipment. IBM was able to slash their real estate costs by $50 million a year by allowing people to work remotely!

And you can save BIG on vehicle emissions, even if you Telework just once a week.

Telework at the office.
Teleworking at the office is one of the easiest ways to reduce car trips and save emissions. Skip an in-person meeting in favor of a video or telephone conference call. Attend a webinar at your desk. Go ahead and eliminate unnecessary meetings that will pull you into your vehicle and rack up the miles. It really is that easy.

Telework on the go.
Technology has made it easy to telework on the go. Take advantage of your commute on FrontRunner, TRAX or carpool to get some extra work done. Use a laptop, iPad or Smartphone to catch up on your correspondence and get a jump on your work day. Simple!



What is e-Travel? e-Travel can best be described as using technology (internet, phone) instead of using your motor vehicle. Some great examples – shopping online (delivery vehicles have highly efficient routes), downloading a video or making a phone call instead of a car trip.

Think of it as recreational Teleworking!

The great thing about e-Traveling is that it saves time as well as emissions. Where can you add e-Traveling into your routine?



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