Get Active



While the prospect of biking in the wintertime might be a million miles away from reality for some, there are others – you know who you are – that road warrior from spring to fall, and then give it up once the weather gets cold.

To you we say – why not give winter bike commuting a try? You already enjoy the benefits of two wheel travel most of the year, so stay active and appreciate winter by biking throughout! Below are tips, tricks and resources to get you on the road and enjoying our lovely winter weather.

(It also helps to keep in mind that people bike in commute year -round in sub-zero states like Minnesota and Illinois.)

And if biking doesn’t seem likely for you, why not gear up and enjoy a festive winter walk to a local  community event, store restaurant, neighbor’s house or religious gathering? A fun walk in the snow will bring out the kid in you and help you appreciate the gorgeous Utah winters we are so lucky to have.






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